Clip: Sommertag im Rheingau


Özgür Gülcehre: „……When Johannes Gutenberg (aka Henne Gensfleisch) invented the printing press – he literally changed the world! Bill Gates once compared his printing press with the invention of the Internet. His invention of mechanical movable letters took him almost 30 years. This is what we learned when we started our Team event in the old castle of Eltville – where Gutenberg dedicated his early and late life. Of course, this guy must be having a good time there. That little city is surrounded by one of the largest vineyards in Germany. Some of the noblest Riesling wineries are located there! So after the castle visit we left Gutenberg and his Books behind and started our wine tasting at the Winery Kögler. Our guide took us to the beautiful vineyards where wine have been turning out for hundreds of years. And while underway on a “Hanomag” tractor we were served with the fine bouquet and aromatic taste of the wonderful wines and indulged the fantastic view on the world-famous “Steinberg” vineyards. We hopped off the trekker and enjoyed the nature within the favourite vineyard of the monks and discovered this more than 30-hectar large vineyard by following a marked geological nature trail. That precious wine yards belongs to the Kloster Eberbach (Eberbach Abbey) which is a former Cistercian monastery now owned by the Federal State of Hesse. We ended the day with some good German food in the Waldgastätte “Rausch”. That traditional Bavarian style restaurant is situated deep in a forest and was a good contrast to the romantic Rhine promenade and the amazing vineyards we’ve seen.


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